Shackle Hands is a highly effective and innovative self defense system known for way the hands connect for simultaneous blocking while striking. These unique self defense technology allow the student a total self defense solution against single, multiple, and even armed aggressors from standing, sitting, or even if pinned on the ground. The innovative use of both hands not only allow for superior self defense counter measures, increasing power and speed exponentially.

Shackle Hands Technique" is a concept in martial arts that focuses on mastering hand movements with precision and control. In this technique, practitioners learn to move their hands in a way that maximizes their defensive and offensive capabilities while maintaining a strong defensive posture. The term "shackle" here is metaphorical, representing the idea that the hands should be disciplined and restricted in their movements to avoid unnecessary risks or openings for the opponent.

In this course, the Shackle Hands Technique, you will develop heightened awareness of hand placement, timing, and coordination, and more, which are crucial aspects for self defense. By training in this technique, your hand movements will become efficient, effective, and always ready to defend, without compromising your overall balance and defensive stance


This Shackle Hands Course shifts the paradigm of how self defense is taught. Previously, these techniques were only taught to Executive Protection Agents, Security Personnel, or Law Enforcement professionals who had a specific vocational need for this high level of information.

However, we are living in different times "where no one is coming to save us."

This course now makes those high level techniques available to since you may be responsible for protecting your family. You may work in a medical facility or school where work place violence is a daily reality. You may be a college student traveling to an unfamiliar place far from the protection of your family. You may be a parent who realizes that the responsibility of protecting your child from the lifetime scars of bullying starts with you. No matter who you are, This Course is For You!

Shackle Hands has a "secret sauce" in the way it is taught and practiced that empowers the student with almost instant effectiveness from the moment it is taught. Image learning life saving techniques, sitting right in front of your laptop. The key is the joining the hands in various positions. These positions can be learned and practiced from the seat of your office chair, from the seat of you sofa, or the seat of your car. This is why practitioners become so efficient in a short amount of time. It's the ease of use. As effective as the system is, it is equally user-friendly.

College Student Orientation Essentials

Young people matriculating to Universities all over the country and world have benefited from the self defense capabilities and the confidence it gives them and their families knowing they can protect themselves in any hostile environment.

Even high school students still at home face bullying and real threats of violence. This course is absolutely the solution.


Here are some among the hundreds of students who I have trained in the Shackle Hands Program. They include Law Enforcement Officers, Correction Officers, Military Personnel, Teachers, Students, Doctors and Health Care Professionals.

Follow Along and Learn At Your Desk with Your Laptop
This is the most effective and user-friendly program ever developed. All you need is a chair and computer to learn some of the most powerful techniques in the world.

College Student Safety Away From Home

Keep your child safe from bullies by empowering them with the information from this course. Take this course yourself and you can teach your child some of the techniques like defense against being choked, defense against being grabbed, and defense against being attacked my multiple aggressors. You can even subscribe to our "One-on-One Coaching Program" with Malenga Yusef where he can guide you through age-specific techniques to teach your child. This way, you can make the adjustment to non-lethal applications of what is in the course. Malenga Yusef has taught thousands of young people all over the world. You can get the benefit of his knowledge by taking the course and imparting the knowledge to your child.


Master Malenga Yusef Moore teaches clinicians throughout the country as part of a nationwide effort to manage work place violence in medical centers. Doctors and clinicians deal with violent patients on an every day basis. This program is a highly regarded solution to keep the medical staff safe as they go about there mission to provide care.


Donna Worthy

I am the owner of Worth-A-Shot, a local gun store and firearms training facility. While I believe that firearms are a great means of self-defense, I also realize that it cannot be your only means of self-defense. I met Yusef Moore last year when he was attending one of our firearms training sessions. I became intrigued when he told me about some of his training classes he offers both for myself and my teenage daughter. My goal was to feel confident that my daughter could defend herself since a firearm is not an option at her age. My daughter and I began taking classes with Yusef. I watched my daughter grow in both skill and confidence. Yusef is a wonderful teacher with an amazing amount of patience. I was so impressed with the shacklehands techniques that he was teaching us that I asked Yusef to bring his team in to my facility and introduce this class to my students. My students loved the class! I heard nothing but great comments about Yusef and his team of instructors. I plan on working with Yusef and his team for a very long time to come. I recommend this school wholeheartedly.

Donna Worthy

Worth-A-Shot Firearms, Owner

Iamanadette Green

I have been affiliated with the Best of the Best for the last 9 years. The school has been a tremendous source of motivation and self determination for my sons and myself. My oldest son has been training at the school since he as 4, he is now 12 and has his black belt. My youngest son is 5 and has been training for 2 years and is now a green belt.

For my personal training program, I was on a mission. I had two goals in mind -One, to get into my two piece bathing suit and the other was self defense. The Power Chi class not only helped me to get in shape but it also gave me more energy and kept me focused on my goal (my bikini!!). The Shacklehands (self defense) class taught by Malenga Yusef, has given me more confidence, and has made me more aware of my surroundings.

The instructors at the school are patient, precise, resolute, and also encouraging!!! Malenga Yusef has been the driving force behind the success of his students. I am extremely grateful and proud that my sons and I are a part of the Best of the Best!!!!!!

Ia Green

Office Manager


Dr. Joelle Presson

Kung Fu is a way of life that has given me a 61 year old woman a sense of physical, mental, and emotional achievement and self confidence that is hard to come by in other more popular sports and hobbies. I have trained in 3 schools over the past 15 years, and have learned from all of them. The School of Science and Fitness under Malenga Yusef Moore is truly the Best of the Best. From my first years of training I knew I wanted to learn the true art, but it is hard to find. Malenga Moore and his excellent instructors are true martial artists, and nurture their students toward that true art. Most schools offer forms and glorified boxing, but that is pale by comparison. At the Best of the Best we learn real applications that go beyond just kicking and punching. We learn what the moves in the forms are for. In this school we learn all aspects of the art, and have real skills ready if we ever did need to use them. Here I train in an atmosphere that does not carry the macho (apologies to the guys) atmosphere that dominates in so many schools. Here I develop strength, skill, discipline, with serious high standards, but in an atmosphere of respect, fun, and celebration. After all if its not fun, why do it? KF is one of the best ways to nurture and develop mind, body, and self. Best of the Best is the only place to train.

Joelle Presson, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean

Undergraduate Academic Programs

LCollege of Computer, Mathematical, & Natural Sciences

University of Maryland

Dr Karen C. Woodson

The Best of the Best experience has given my daughter discipline, strength, determination, and confidence. She started with the school when she was 3 years old in 2000 and now at 15 years old, she assists as an Instructor in the development of the next generation of boys and girls at Best of the Best. She has learned the value of a sound mind in a sound body and that anything is possible with effective effort, hard work, and perseverance. These qualities are not only foundational to being successful in school, college, and the world of work, but also to being an informed and productive citizen.

Dr. Karen C. Woodson, Director

Division of ESOL/Bilingual Programs, Montgomery County Public Schools

Dr. Patrick Larosiliere

One of the most the most satisfyng actions as a father, was enrolling my son, Julian at Best O The Best Martial Arts eights years ago. As I look at him today on his 12th birthday, I see a focused, respectful, responsible, and confident young man. This a direct reflection of what i try to instill in him, and the everyday teaching of Master Yusef A. Moore, CEO of The Best Of The Best as well as Master Patrick Gayle. From the age of four to the present, my son Julian, now an active Balck Belt student as improved every year in character and in schorlarship. His focus in school is remarkable. He understands that hard work always brings success. He understands because it is instilled in him that quitting is never an option. Being selected to train with legendary Grand Masters such as Oso Tayari Casel, Mfundishi Bakari. To be able to work with this master teachers who are infact the Masters' Teachers, has made him an ultra confident young man. This helps him see the lineage and tradition of hard working Masters. For any one thinking about enrolling their young son or daughter or even thenselves, this is without a doubt and enlightening experience. I did my homework and visited other schools. The Best Of The Best is true to the art and truely in a class way above the pack! 

Dr. Patrick Larosiliere

Upper Marlboro, Md

- Iamanette Green

"I immediately felt empowered and confident that I had a system that would aid me in any workplace violence or any situation"

- Iamanette Green

Ron Johnson

I just want to say thank you to Yusef A. Moore, Master instructor of Best of the Best, School of Martial Science & Fitness. As a 50 plus year old student at the school, I have had my physical challenges, as one would expect for a middle-aged man. That being said, I could not ask for a better teacher, trainer, or supporter. All of the instructors at Best of the Best are accomplished martial artists that are committed to providing excellence in Martial Arts training. This is a great family environment and I have made some great friends here. I have been with the school just under two years but my three children have trained under the tutelage of several fantastic instructors for nearly ten years. The benefits my family and I have gained from the school are immeasurable.
Thank you,Malenga Yusef Moore and the instructors of Best of the Best School of Martial Science, & Fitness.

Ron Johnson
MultiMedia Director

Stephanie Smith

My son, Darnell Ellerbe, became a student at the Best of the Best at the young age of three, over 10 years ago. I immediately knew I had found a good match for Darnell when the director/ owner of the school helped Darnell workthrough his fear of being the only student without rank...He was the onlystudentwithout a belt. Malenga Moore (Fundi Moore at the time) accommodated Darnell's needs, and he knew exactly what it would take to get Darnell on track with the other students of the school.

Darnell became a black belt in December 2011. Along his journey he hasperformed in many exhibitions, demonstrations, and tournaments; and he has won medals/trophies in every event he has competed. These great achievements couldnot have been accomplished without the superb leadership of the school's team of highly skilled and competent instructors, and their leadership andguidance goes far beyond training in martial arts. Students are mentored to be thebest they can be.
Darnell has always been, and continues to be, in great hands.

Stephanie R.Smith
EEOC Manager and Licensed Insurance Agent

Michael Williams

The Best of the Best is a wonderful place for both children and adults to learn not just martial arts but a new way of life. Best of the Best has many moving parts which allow students the benefits of training and discipline in multiple areas. The atmosphere is friendly and inviting. I have had the pleasure of building relationships with individuals through my years of training at the SMSF that I would otherwise had never met. The instructors are phenomenal and lead by example. If you want to be in the best shape of your life or are currently working out but looking for something new. I highly recommend the Best of the Best. I have been training here for nearly 10 years now.

Sincerely, Michael Williams

President of Anago of Washington, DC

I’m Master Malenga Yusef Moore

I am a martial artist and my personal and professional lifestyle reflect a high level of dedication to my craft. I am CEO of Best of The Best Martial Arts academies with training centers in the US as well ass the Caribbean. Over my 30 year history, I have trained thousands of students to the highest levels of martial arts excellence.

I am co-owner and COO of Elite Security Services and Solutions with our base of operations having over 300 Officers who use these techniques to protect some of the most prestigious medical facilities, most celebrated VIP's, Corporate Executives, and Billions of Dollars in real estate.

In the canine field of training, I have been given the monicker, "The Dog Man" for the way I am able to train canines to the highest level of personal protection. In understanding the psychology behind training and universal application of training principles, I have been blessed to produce some of the most talented Executive Protection Canines in the world.

By God's permission, I am one of the best trainers in the world. My aim is to share this gift that I have been given with you.

After all, it is not about what I have accomplished. It's about what I can help you accomplish.